Komen Cure Conspiracy

Where does all that money really go?


You may have heard of Komen’s Race for the cure and the pink icon splashed across numerous brands from clothing to food, but what exactly are they curing?

Surprisingly Komen pockets more of these funds for personal interests than finding a cure for breast cancer.

According to a piece written by Emily Michele from Alter Net, the money is not being used for what we think. Many allude to Komen as a resource which solely diverts funds to cancer cures but instead approximately 19% goes into this avenue. The cost break-down is as follows: 13% for monitoring disease, 5.6% for medicine, 10% for raising money, 11% for management and 39% for notifying the public of cancer.
Komen Cures can generate over $300 million in any one year, yet only 20% of this revenue is used for cancer research and cures. This means less than ten cents of every dollar goes to cancer relief efforts.

Informing the masses of cancer risks seems noble, but if not using this dispersion to tell others how to prevent the disease, it only amounts to an accomplished ad crusade. This is capitalizing off of people who believe they are fighting cancer by buying things wrapped in pink ribbons.

Lack of vitamin D and a steady flow of sugar are what cancer thrives on. These are some of the announcements Komen could make but doesn’t. This foundation also possess rights to a dangerous cancerous medication that has been linked causing the same disease it is supposed to treat.

Michele also hints that there has been mismanagement of funds as aside from their fleeting affiliation with Planned Parenthood, expenses totaling over $100,000 for first class flights and pricey hotels have been made. As CEO of the Komen Foundation, Nancy G. Komen is said to have put expenses on the Komen Foundation’s tab that had nothing to do with curing cancer in 2009. This is even more conflicting when it is discovered that she likely could have funded these costs from her own salary as a then Chief of Protocol for the State Department .

Living in a world where illness is big business, many are becoming wealthy off of treatments and not cures. It is important to practice proper nutrition and avoid food which could break down the immune system. The Komen Foundation can serve as a reminder of the danger cancer poses, but should not be looked to as corporation that devotes most of its funding to fight cancer.

Greater efforts can be posed by individuals to help inform others of this serious illness like sharing information on social media, taking to loved ones about health and speaking to legislation about better regulations of money to charities.

The photo was derived from Photopin.com

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