Questions a Woman Might Ask

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From an intelligent and thoughtful mind comes Questions a Woman Might Ask?
An insightful and involved approach to many of the issues that plague family, black communities, fatherlessness and child predators, Questions a Woman Might Ask has has so much to offer in reference to many root causes of familial issues and how society has impacted the youth and how increased time parents spend at work affects the development of children.
Another hurdle this book is not afraid to tackle is the glaring issue of child predators, how debilitating abuse is for children and some of the many reasons a person can turn to a life of hurting adolescents.
Dealing with issues society recoils from, this book prompts critical thinking and offers some helpful solutions to problems which are hard-hitting in any community.
Taking note of the tragedy of assaults that happen to children, this book takes careful consideration of a problem reaching world wide proportion.

Just how do the minds of these child predators work? Are they casualties of abuse themselves and only perpetrating the abuse they received themselves when they were children? Is society truly doing enough to address these issues? Finally, what are some of the tactics used to lure and entrap children by the assailants?
Properly treating a problem requires that you acknowledge its existence. Questions a Woman Might Ask helps roll back the layer of film that clouds our vision when assessing certain dilemmas and what God has to say about them.
Questions a Woman Might Ask is an excellent read to stimulate meticulous thinking about societal and community issues involving children and definitely worth the time.


Hidden Figures

Hidden Fig Copy1

A historically motivating film (and book) where people change history despite overwhelming opposition.

The movie follows the lives of soon-to-be famous female  African American mathematicians as they strive to fulfill their jobs in a pre-civil rights era where they are expected to fail. The film follows the lives of Kaherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson who were key players in navigating launch sequences for the astronauts Nasa sent into space. The level of precision and accuracy that would be needed to mathematically calculate a safe landing, estimates and all, is astounding. Set in the late 40s – 60s, paramount issues included racism and prejudice. Seeing  Hidden Figures gave me refreshed gratitude for the roles I am allowed to play in society.
I would like young African American females and girls in general to see this innovative film and know it is one of countless testaments that they can achieve anything. Literally no obstacle can obstruct their goals, not even the iron fist of racism and discrimination. The positivity of these historical heroines rivals that of any derogatory stereotype stating that they are anything but capable and intellectual strengths crucial to the functioning of society.

The film itself was reworked from Margot Lee Shetterly’s book Hidden Figures. Margot is a alumni of University of Virginia with Virginia presently being her place of residence. She has objectives to research more Black historical figures who would otherwise have stayed hidden and had their contributions concealed.

The illustration in this article was drawn by me.

Rising Youtube Star

Looking to follow the newest beauty trends, or perhaps you’re looking to revamp your style? Well check out the Victoria Tamar channel on Youtube.




Victoria’s channel is fun, innovative and fashionable. Victoria herself is a makeup artist who specializes in colorful palettes as well as natural hairstyles and wigs. She models fall fashions she coordinates and gives great suggestions on how to start the season off with style.

Each video offers new tutorials on makeup brands and how to compliment different shades of color. She is most notably recognized for her beauty makeup hauls in which she displays swatches of lip stick and eyeliner to help viewers find the perfect hue.

Her channel offers an enthusiastic and informative approach as she offers her own twist on fashion trends and clothing. A trend setter, she prefers to set her own path when it comes to everything from her hairstyle choices down to her lip stick. Each video she presents a unique collage of fresh makeup designs and clothing choices.

While on the topic, she also does product reviews for popular head phone accessories. As a new comer to the video stylist scene, she offers a vibrant and colorful contribution to the visual artist community.
Try out some of her videos and maybe you’ll comment on which style you liked the best. Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed the content.

If her videos brimming with fashion goodness were too good to keep to yourself, share with a friend and spread the word.
As with any makeup, it is important to check the ingredients and make sure you do not have any allergies or are being exposed to harmful chemicals. It may help to use any type of makeup in moderation if you are not sure how it will affect your skin.

Foods that Can Replace Antibiotics

Adding certain supplements to your diet can be just as effective as prescription antibiotics.

Antibiotics are prescribed to overcome the strongest infections known to man. However repetitious usage has led to many bacteria becoming resistant and immune, which can render them all but useless. This gives rise to ultra-strong viruses and the looming threat of a pandemic.

Foods that can be substituted for antibiotics are garlic, apple cider vinegar, onions, ginger, vegetation high in vitamin C, olive leaf, horse radish, grape fruit seed essence, eucalyptus and other herbs and spices. These foods naturally have an ability to limit the progression of germs.

Garlic is referenced as the best antibiotic nature can grow. It inhibits the growth of fungus and keeps the good bacteria unharmed. It can be utilized in maintaining the immune system and stopping disease.

Apple –Cider vinegar is great choice for beating sickness. It has a low ph and is effective in dispatching microorganisms that bombard the esophagus.

Onions can be likened to garlic. They have immense strength in fighting disease, comfort skin irritation, increase blood flow and lesson swelling.

Ginger has proven benefits for the body that date back hundreds of years. It produces an agent that makes the body exude more heat to kill germs.

Vitamin C keeps the immune system strong and healthy. It allows the body to fight off illness, and injury reparation.

Olive leaf can deal with nearly all contagions as it can nullify yeast and other potentially harmful bacterium.

Horseradish can eliminate drowsiness and keep the esophagus clear of microorganism that cause rawness and sensitivity.

Grape fruit seed essence debilitates bacterial invasions and can depopulate parasitic masses in the body.

Cinnamon is a renowned method for expelling dangerous bacteria. It can also regulate blood sugars, healthy gut bacteria and all-around wellness.

Eucalyptus is an excelling catalyst for an anti-bacterial skin treatment. It can be mixed with other oils to become an even more potent ointment.

Other kinds of remedies for discouraging bacteria include mint, honey and a multitude more. Always check with a physician to monitor whether taking herbal supplements and certain foods is safe for you regimen.

Managing Pain

Looking for a way to soothe those aches and pains? Studies show that massage therapy can produce phenomenal pain-reducing results. It has been proven to relieve anxiety and stress, leading to a better caliber of life.


Over 99 million US citizens indicated that pain is a major concern in their lives. Pain causes most people to visit physicians in over 79% of cases, but is only a symptom of an underlying issue. Whatever the reason, it impacts the person in pain, their relatives and their ability to work which can hurt finances. Figures show that bodily pain costs over $599 billion in health care expenses and work loss based on research from Samueli Institute, the American Massage Therapy Association and the Message Therapy Foundation.
Speaking of recurring pain, some of the main causes have been bad posture, holding heavy objects, obesity and the stress it puts on joints, walking in high heels, wounds from contusions, laying on a lumpy mattress and natural deterioration of the spine. These are some of the most common origins of returning pain. It is important to recognize how many of these factors are affecting you and speak with a doctor on how you can make adjustments to preserve your health. As pain can stem from any manner of issues, it is important to maintain regular medical practitioner’s visits.
Massage therapy is not only effective when contrasted with those who do not get treatment, but is an alternative to drug prescriptions for managing pain. This has been backed by the American Massage Therapy Association or, AMTA. The AMTA is not only the biggest denomination in massage therapy and research, but is an immense non-profit that benefits the massage therapy occupation.

Those looking to book appointments with a massage therapist near them can search the American Therapy Association’s search engine: Massage therapy can make a considerable distinction in how pain is managed in your life.
designed to help you find the right physical therapist.

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Mental Health

Mental health is noted to be an issue that many shun and are not willing to converse, but since when did ignoring a problem make it go away? The beginning of World Mental Health Awareness Week reminds us all that mental health is still a relevant topic.


Mental illness impacts the well-being of countless individuals across the globe. Societies like the United States and the UK will have one in three to four people experiencing mental conditions in the year of 2016. This will cost roughly $151 billion in health care costs. This amount of money could be used to sponser the National Health Services, a publicly funded health service facility that reaches thousands in need of mental and physical health in the UK.
Time spent at work, according to statistics has the greatest influence on the mental health of individuals – work is said to be more straining than money issues, romance and physical health. Crucial as health care may be, over 70% do not receive it. This again may be because of tendencies to brush off mental illness as minimal.
Again, the reason for this is mental illness bring viewed as a restricted topic. People who mention their mental illness especially to their employer are afraid they will be called unfit for the job or a liability so they keep silent. People not able to get to work because of their mental illness cost their employers around $37 billion per year.
Here in the United States the story is the same as in London pertaining to how mental health is treated as shameful. The United States has its own Mental Health America organization similar to how the United Kingdom has its National Health Service facilities for aiding the mentally and physically ill. Mental Health America was established in 1909 as a means to bring attention to mental health concerns and issues. They believe it is part of the medical system the same as a physical ailment would be. Mental Health America’s aim is to bring attention to the same mental illnesses that are cast into the shadows. Prevention and early diagnosis is key and can help deter an illness of the mind from becoming worse if caught in time.
Mental Health America follows the Before Stage 4 rule or, #B4stage4. This simply means giving mental diagnosis the same care that a serious disease before it gets out of control. Much like cancer is said to be deadliest at stage four, Mental Health America wants people to know that mental illness does not have to get out of hand, it can possibly be cured if treated earlier enough.
If you know someone who is struggling with mental issues, a list of hotline numbers can be found at this link:

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Innocents to Finally Be Released from US Prisons

A program from the 90s seeks to have released those who have been wrongfully jailed.


Thousands of innocent people languish in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, whether from corruption, racism, or mistaken identity. The Innocence Project is working to change that. Founded in 1992 by two students of law Yeshiva University. The sole purpose of this organization is DNA testing to differentiate real offenders from those put into the system by mistake. Many of those benefiting from this organization have been in jail for at least a decade.

Staff for the Innocence Project consists of lawyers who use advanced technology to argue the innocence of those falsely accused. They are intent on revolutionizing the prison system by restructuring the process that so easily ushers into the prison cells those who have done no wrong.

Programs held in the Innocence Program also serve to reintegrate freed prisoners back into society. Whole departments are dedicated to serving the rehabilitation of the recently freed.

The Innocence Project offers the opportunity to reunite the families of those victimized by the system. It is crucial to remember just about anyone can be jailed under false pretenses and how fast any of us would want our innocence proved if we had not committed a crime. This is an urgent issue requiring prompt attention. There are real criminals who are walking the streets while someone else takes the wrap for their crimes. The American legal system carries one of the greatest miscarriages of justice especially towards black people who are incarcerated at twice the rate of any other race. Programs such as the Innocence Project are living proof not all of these imprisonments are not justified, deserved or fair.

Project Innocence is over 60,000 members strong and helped free about 300 illegally imprisoned persons using DNA evidence. Following increased support, this organization has the chance to grow helping us all examine the proliferating menace feeding off high numbers known as the prison system. When thoroughly analyzed, the prison industry is a business operation like any other, the more sent to jail the more money made. Add greed to this equation and it’s just a monster itching for expansion so those making financial gain can benefit. It’s often at the expense of once viable tax paying citizens who fall prey to the penal system.

Poverty has a great deal to do with many who are incarcerated. Not having the means to pay a lawyer to uncover facts and defend their innocence leads to more being shuffled down the prison isles. Is jail the consequence for being poor? It seems like it.

The leading cause of wrongful imprisonment according to Project Innocence has been mistaken identity by witnesses. These are issues that could easily have been cleared up with proper legal defense, but why would those in charge want to change this when there is so much money to be made? Most of the cases handled by the Innocence Project involve sexual assault where DNA evidence is vital in finding the real criminal and not a person jailed in their place. This organization seems to stand for the justice and even treatment of American citizens. Their organization is currently accepting donations and new volunteers are always needed. Try looking up one of these nonprofits or the like if you’re interested in helping defend those wrongfully jailed.

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Modern Slave Trade in Washington D.C.

Authorities on alert as human trafficking rapidly increases in America


America may be the “birth place” of freedom, but it is far from crime free. Today brothels and crime rings are teaming up to grab young girls off the street and put them to work as prostitutes. Many girls are lured by a slick talker who presents empty promises of a job and a loving relationship. Later on a victim will find it was just a lure to ensnare them.
It seems like a stretch, but America is an infamous hot spot for human trafficking. A large sanction of children are trafficked right in the US’s capital of Washington D.C.

Tactic’s like violence and assault are used to coerce and imprison victims into a slave trade where they are often forced to sell themselves, raped and physically abused.

As with any heinous crime, money is the main motivation. Human trafficking brings in $100 billion annually. At the expense of children who are among America’s most vulnerable, overseers of evil are becoming rich all the while snatching these captives’ valuable futures away from them.

Many teenage females from Mexico have been exported to the US. Child Peddlers are willing to wait years building a long relationship with the victim to gain their trust and obedience. The targeted person may figure out something is wrong, but by this time it is too late for them and they have been marketed off for prostitution.

The slave trade is not a “third-world problem,” it is alive and well in America. Most of the victims of trafficking have been underage females with the slave holders mostly being Latino men. These slave traders are not limited to men as near a third are women.

Organizations like the Polaris Project are waging war against these foul practices. Joining and or supporting organizations that halt slave traders is a monumental step in ensuring freedom for everyone in the United States and making sure those who hold others against their will are brought to justice.


Human Meat at McDonalds?

Due to recent lab studies, it appears the human meat scandal is more than a fable as disclosed in a haunting radio interview


An interview between racist radio host James Wickstrom and a Jewish Abraham Finkelstein alleges that kids are stolen from their homes by the thousands on a yearly basis, killed, drained of their blood, tossed into private meat factories and sold to major food producers like Mcdonalds. Said meat is then consumed by millions who eat the famed breakfast sandwiches and burgers for lunch. If this is true then people are being led into cannibalism against their will and knowledge.

Said by Finkelstein himself,

“We steal a hundred to three hundred thousand children a year, just here in this country and we drain their blood and we mix it with the passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own and we grind up all the bodies into sausages and hamburgers, McDonalds is one of our favourite outlets and the people, they eat them for breakfast they eat them for lunch.”
These claims seem outlandish and fake—a hoax even. That is, until a study done by Clear Labs, a food inspection company, released their findings on the content of hotdogs and certain meats. The study found that around 2% of the meats they examined contained human DNA. The same findings held true for hamburger meat as well with the addition of rat DNA.

The human DNA came from someone’s hair accidentally falling in right? Wrong! If Finkelstein’s account is to be believed, the human DNA was in the meat long before it ended up in the processing plant…

Add in the fact that human meat can be indistinguishable from pork and there’s no telling what you’re eating. Also, the interview mentioned the preference of selling meat to McDonald’s outlets, but who else are they supposedly selling the remains of these children to? Local supermarkets?

Why would anyone do this you ask? According to a Jewish professor of Bar ILan University in Israel, Ariel Toeff, this is part of a massive scheme by secret ruling class Jews who believe they should treat non-Jews or “goyim” like filth because they do not share the Jewish heritage and are like cattle as Finkelstein illustrates in the interview.

The ritual murder of children at the hands of select Jews is detailed in a book named Blood Passover by Ariel Toeff. Ariel Toeff himself was the son of an established Rabbi in Rome and was deeply shaken by the blood ritual murders of children he knew of first hand from studying the Ashkenazi Jewish community and watching as the culprits covered each other’s tracks while evading the law through bribery.

Abe Finkelstein said he was being honest on the radio show because there was so little anyone could do to stop them and in spite of glaring evidence like Ariel Toeff’s book, people refused to “wake up.” He credits the nonchalant attitude to the public schools the Jews put in place to keep people simple-minded and uninformed. He claimed that people do not know of these schemes because “they don’t self-teach” and expect someone to give them the information.
Toeff received mass criticism from the Jewish community for his book which presumably brought to light a criminal empire of Jews harvesting children for their blood for use as medicine and to further their satanic sacrifices. His book was pulled off shelves and he was forced to with drawl some of his claims.

The select Jews Toeff reveals are said to be very rich, powerful and have their hands in many facets of government policies around the world including control over television and what gets aired.

Videos and web pages of Wickstrom and Finkelstein’s interview can be found throughout the internet and whether it is true or not is left solely to the individual as it seems there is a nugget of truth in every myth.

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Cellphone Fire Hazards


A Hamden, Connecticut case revealed the danger over-heated cellphones can pose when left with constricted air ways. Kimberly Johnson dashed into her 15 year old son’s room after seeing flames. Half of her son’s bed was incinerated when she got there and he was lying in bed next to open flames. The fire kept spreading and fire officials had to be called to get the flames under control.

The culprit? It was a cell phone charging on the teen’s pillow that burst into a blaze after it did not receive sufficient room to cool itself.
Thankfully, locals nearby were able to air out her son’s room and put the fire out before fire fighters arrived. It is then that Fire Official David Berardesca offered his words of wisdom: “The batteries heat up, they could melt – in some cases, explode – and cause a fire.” “It is recommended that you leave these types of devices on a hard surface so the heat can dissipate.” Even cell phone chargers are not safe. Avoid the risk of fire and over-heating by pulling their plugs even when they are not in use as they still consume energy.

Ms. Johnson’s son was fortunate to have someone who noticed the fire before it ended in tragedy, but this won’t always be the deal. A fire like this one could happen to anyone. It can be something as simple as knowing that it’s best to leave electronics on a night stand while they charge to keep a raging fire from happening.

This does not only hold true for cellular phones but laptops as well. Owners of electronics are urged never to block the vents on the front and back of the devices as they are essential to keeping it’s temperature down. It is also suggested cell phone users avoid charging their phones on their pillows or any place that is not well ventilated as it may cause a fire.

More details and information can be found at the Hamden Fire Marchall’s Office number: 203-407-3182.

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