1 Thessalonians 2:4 – But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, even so as we speak; not as pleasing men, but God, which trieth our hearts.

Work to satisft God not people.

Vaccine Death Wish

Long before there was a Covid vaccine, it was known that the makers of such don’t consume their own product. Do they know something you don’t?

It has been proven that the vaccine ingredients contain a long list of toxins including heavy metals, mercury and even the remnants of aborted fetuses. Not only can the heavy metals damage the developing brain of a child over time, but what are the implications of having the genes of a dead baby in your system?

It is a form of forced cannibalism. A majority of Americans have had human DNA injected into them through vaccines. Certain people’s faith forbid them from ingesting anything that was derived of aborted human fetus cells. They have the right to refuse something that could harm their bodies. This in fact can teach the body to attack human cells and therefore itself, giving rise to autoimmune disorders.

Other known ingredients include aluminum which can cause grave damage to the brain and accumulate over repeated use of vaccines.

The Covid Vaccine is experimental and there is no telling what it will do to you. Current side affects include paralysis of the face, nerve damage that cause the body to move uncontrollably and death.

Another red flag for the vaccine is that the creators have complete immunity to any lawsuits and refused to release them until they had such protections. This means if anything goes wrong with the vaccine and it severely damages your body, there will be no law suits.

Doctor Gregory Michael and Frank Arron are just a couple of the people who have died just a week or two after getting the Moderna Covid Vaccine. Others have had severe adverse affects such as nurse Shawn Skelton whose body convulses uncontrollably and constantly just days after taking the vaccine, indicating damage to her nervous system.

These vaccine companies cannot be held liable if their vaccine poisons or kills somone. So George Michael’s family gets nothing for the vaccine killing their loved one. Instead, a fund has been set up that runs on tax payer money. If the vaccine works so well, why take this type of precaution?

Adding concern is the fact that numerous adverse reactions for the Moderna Covid Vaccine have been recorded in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or Vaers for the year of 2020. If this vaccine can take out a grown man, would a child be able to with stand it?

Thousands of doctors world wide have stood in protest of this new poison. They have put their jobs and livlihood on the line to warn you this “vaccine” is not what people think it is and will do serious harm to the body.

Hospitals get significant money increases for Covid 19 Cases. This means if a person dies of underlying issues and they had Covid, the death was marked off as a Covid death. The death rates for Covid cannot be that high if the hospitals and CDC are beefing up the numbers to make it appear that every death ever was because of Covid. Then there’s the motorcycle death that was declared to be a Covid Casualty. This policy has both the potential and ability to be wildly abused and it has been! It’s all about profit.

America is known for it’s amoral practices and cruel treatment of it’s citizens, paticulary blacks in certain situations. Marion Sims was doctor in the 1800s who performed gynecologic surgeries on captive black women without anesthesia. The anguished womens’ screams were said to have driven spectator students out of the room. Another case is the Tuskegee exeriment where blacks with syphilis were denied medical treatment as they were being studied. These are just two of the many cases in which the medical system has wronged citizens in health care.

The above examples are proof America is not above experimenting on the populace and will do so when there is personl gain. They will also lie about how deadly something is and with hold information. Remember, there is no cash flow in cures, but inadequate medicine that keeps the cycle going. Bills Gates and others pushing these toxic cocktails have alot to gain as a single Covid vial can go for as much as 5K per bottle and he plans to vaccinate the entire planet.

Big Media is trying to stamp out voices warning others about this dangerous vaccine ravishing its recipients. This vaccine is a form of population culling and the mainstream media, combined with paid frauds, are collaborating to hide it.

It has been proven that those with low Vitamin D rates in the body have up to 4x higher chances of contracting Covid. This is proof that nutrition raises the body’s defense naturally and promotes self healing. Why isn’t this being promoted by the news on a regular basis?

Luke 8:17 – For nothing is secret, tht shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

People are encouraged to do their research and learn from history! Medical tyranny is nothing new and has been done before. America is not exempt from this.

For more information on Covid Vaccine Victims, see Khalila Mitchell’s testimony and the story of Tiffany Dover, a nurse who fainted after taking the Covid Vaccine and is speculated to have died from it while the media runs damage control.