Questions a Woman Might Ask

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From an intelligent and thoughtful mind comes Questions a Woman Might Ask?
An insightful and involved approach to many of the issues that plague family, black communities, fatherlessness and child predators, Questions a Woman Might Ask has has so much to offer in reference to many root causes of familial issues and how society has impacted the youth and how increased time parents spend at work affects the development of children.
Another hurdle this book is not afraid to tackle is the glaring issue of child predators, how debilitating abuse is for children and some of the many reasons a person can turn to a life of hurting adolescents.
Dealing with issues society recoils from, this book prompts critical thinking and offers some helpful solutions to problems which are hard-hitting in any community.
Taking note of the tragedy of assaults that happen to children, this book takes careful consideration of a problem reaching world wide proportion.

Just how do the minds of these child predators work? Are they casualties of abuse themselves and only perpetrating the abuse they received themselves when they were children? Is society truly doing enough to address these issues? Finally, what are some of the tactics used to lure and entrap children by the assailants?
Properly treating a problem requires that you acknowledge its existence. Questions a Woman Might Ask helps roll back the layer of film that clouds our vision when assessing certain dilemmas and what God has to say about them.
Questions a Woman Might Ask is an excellent read to stimulate meticulous thinking about societal and community issues involving children and definitely worth the time.