Pine Needle Combats Contagious Covid Vaccine Protein Shedding

A break through in the dangerous spike protein found in the covid vaccine and its recipients has been found. Pine needle tea has recently been touted as a type of antidote to the Covid Vaccine virus shedding which passes a dangerous spike protein onto those who have not received the shot themselves.

Pine Needles have a wealth of health benefits and and can push back against respiratory infections as well as providing high doses of vitamin C which bolster the immune system.

Pine Needle tea has been known to be a common health remedy and tonic for those who forage wild edibles. It would appear to also be a profound protectant from the often devastating effects of the Covid vaccinated spreading the fatal protein to the unvaccinated, effects of which have manifested severe menstrual bleeding in women among a few.

You are encouraged to do research on how the pine needle tea would best benefit you. Consult a trusted doctor before use to ensure you get the best health benefit from pine needle tea while examining the individual effect it may have on your body.

Please Read: Pine Needle itself can have hazardous effects depending on the type and amount being taken. Please ensure that you take note of any possible side effects of Pine Needle as some types can be poisonous. Be aware it is not recommended for pregnant women to take Pine Needle Tea as it may cause complications.

Pine Needle has benefits but can cause negative side effects if the wrong dosage is taken or the wrong type is used. Proceed with caution.

Could this Pine Needle counteract the Covid Vaccine Needle of disease!? God will make a way to protect, heal and warn those who cleave to Him. Seek a relationship with Christ that you may be apart of God’s kingdom. he cares for you and it is not His will that any should perish.

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Vaccinated Infecting the Un-Vaccinated People

There has been a media storm of women reporting severe health effects after the Covid vaccine, only they themselves have not been vaccinated. Vaccinated persons have been able to pass on severe side effects to the unvaccinated. Simply being within the vicinity of those who have gotten the Covid Vaccine has been enough to get others sick. Health effects in women include abnormal bleeding, having periods more than once a month, preteen girls and menopausal women developing menstruals early, bruising on the limbs and other imalidies.

This phenomena has been known as spike protein shedding where those who have been vaccinated are spreading their symptoms to the unvaccinated while those who have had the Covid shot have been also been experiencing severe implications of the injection themselves.

The Covid vaccine itself has been presented as a cure for Covid, but Covid infection rates could not be as deadly as claimed because non Covid related deaths have been marked off as Covid deaths to boost the numbers. Why? Money and control are major factors.

One such account where these instances of illness are being shared is from Dr Kate Clancy. The social media account of Dr. Clancy has been a meeting place for women and others who have gotten ill or had irregular menstrual hemorrhaging shortly after being vaccinated or simple being around someone who has been vaccinated.

Now more than ever is a time to grow closer to God who sent His son to die for the sins of humanity. Ask Christ into your heart and repent of your sins so your soul will not perish when your earthly life ends John 3:16. Government deception, medical tyranny and deadly Covid vaccines spreading disease are rampant. Anything can happen as the Devil and his cult followers are working to kill off as many people as possible. Secure your relationship with God in Christ in that He will give you eternal rest for your soul. Place your trust in God.

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