Why Has Cancer Become So Common?

Cancer rates have spiked in recent years, but why? Recent history has shows that cancer rates shot through the roof in the 20th century.


Factors including lack of proper diet, stress, hormonal imbalance, foreign oils used in food and corporate greed are all involved in the rise of cancer diagnoses.

Poor nutrition is pathway to cancer . Not incorporating raw fruits and vegetables into your diet or taking the necessary vitamins and supplements can leave cracks big enough for a cancer to slip through. The next issue of focus is stress.
Stress is a silent killer. Not only can stress cause illness, but it can stifle the body’s defense against bacterial invasions. Emotional and mental stress is another doorway for cancer to enter through. As human emotions are greatly influenced by foods eaten, lack of essential vitamins and minerals can deplete any resistance against disease.

People who take certain hormone caplets should also be alert. encapsulated estrogen can cause damage. Estrogen was released in the late 50s by the FDA. It was known by the manufacturers that taking additional estrogen by mouth could end in blood vessels clumping to cut off circulation, damage of reproductive organs, and ultimately inviting cancer, yet it was sent out in troves to unknowing consumers.
Taking any manner of chemical substances over time can have malevolent effects and can eat away at the immune system. The adverse effects each conventional medicine can have should be researched thoroughly.

Certain vegetable oils like corn can house threats like poly-unsaturated fats or PUFAs for short. These types of oils are known to fuel the progression of particular cancers like cancer of the chest in females. Another matter of concern is vaccines.

Vaccines have played a major role in the development of cancer as well. Just in the 60s, a live cancer strain was released under the guise of a polio vaccine. Many parents had unwittingly exposed their children to a toxin their bodies likely were not ready to fight. This act of secrecy led to plenty of budding cancer cases in these same children who had the polio vaccines when it was released

Why would they do this? Cancer is a huge business and they are not willing to part with the money it brings them even if they have to keep people sick. It’s hard to imagine that the same hands we put our lives in is capable of such malice.

At this point, could you even trust this industry to release the cure for cancer if they’d found it? Maybe they’re already sitting on it and don’t want you to know.

Lastly, the conditions you set for your body including the types of foods you eat or supplements you take can, form one of the the greatest barriers from cancer or welcome it depending on whether your body has enough nutrients to defend itself.

This article is not intended to dissuade anyone from taking prescribed medicines or medical treatment but rather to be inform of the many cancer causing catalysts in our environment both in and out of the body. It i important to consult with a medical physician on which regimens and medications are right for your individual health.

The photo was derived from Photopin.com

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