Child Lab Rats and Medical Torture

Close up lonely little girl hugging toy, sitting at home alone, upset unhappy child waiting for parents, thinking about problems, bad relationship in family, psychological trauma

The evil and wickedness of the medical system in America has shown through in people like Fauci among others who are helping commandeer human torture and animal abuse. Ever wonder why the side effects for these Covid Vaccines and soon to be pills are so potent in a toxic way? They had thousands of hours of experience and practice.

They experimented on mostly inner city Black and Hispanic children under the guise of a foster care program. These children had the AIDS virus and were given dangerous “medications” that heightened and worsened their conditions.

One of the regimens given was Nevirapine, a pill that had the ability to cause Stephen Johnson’s Syndrome. This syndrome causes blindness and for the skin to fall off. It is a very painful and dangerous ailment to have.

Children that tried to fight back and spare themselves by refusing the toxic cocktails had holes cut open in their stomachs and the poisons administered against their will.

Parents not willingly going along with the experimental cocktails after seeing it was killing them then had the children stolen from them by the Child Services Dept of Newyork. They were then carried off where the often deadly medical abuse would continue.

Jacklyn Hoeger was a nurse working at this facility. When asked why the children were doing so poorly, she was told it was the virus they had. She soon found they were lying. Adopting two of the girls from the facility, she saw the pills as the common denominator to their worsening health. She was right. Their health sprang back up immediately after the experimental regimen was stopped.

The agency did not care that the pills were killing children. They snatched the two children away and took Hoeger’s medical license. She never saw the two little girls again.

This group of heinous experiments were carried out on children who had no voice or advocate to speak up on their behalf whether they had AIDS or not. There have been reports coming forth from the likes of David Bauer who stated that the Covid Shots have the ability to wipe out a person’s immune system with each shot that they take. Combined with experiments performed on the children, is it too far out to believe AIDS was made in a lab too? NO. That disease is far too targeted almost like it was designed. They already know how to suppress the immune system and likely worked on these children with AIDS to further modify and make more deadly a disease they made int he first place. This government and medical system cannot be trusted.

When the medical jesters want their evil justified, they’ll often lie and say it is in pursuit of a “cure” that they do these things. The globalists revel in population control which means bumping people off by any means possible. Have you any understanding how many natural cures were suppressed because of greed alone? Naturopaths and doctors who discovered proper treatments for disease have been murdered, mysteriously disappeared or ridiculed. They don’t want cures.

What they did to these children was to find out how much poison and in what dosages it took to kill them. They would then take their findings to create bioweapons in pill form among other drugs. Alot of these findings likely formed the basis for the Covid Gene Therapy shot. That is not how cures are made, they are perfecting bioweapons to unleash on the public and poisons that they falsely pass off as medicine.

The documentary displays the lives of the children the bioweapon labs sought to destroy.

It is not God’s will that people be ignorant of what has and is transpiring. Please formulate a relationship with Him today. John 3:16 tells of the love God had for the world. Please repent for the kingdom of God is at hand Mark 1:15.

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