Dual Nature of CPS

The Child Predator Service Strikes Again

domestic violence, beating children, cruelty of parents, teenager girl being beaten, child protection concept

On the surface, CPS appears to be an organization built on taking children from abuse, but they are a part of human trafficking. CPS has taken children for no reason or any reason at all. They are eager to get a hold of children because it is a lucrative business.

They could care less about child safety. Many have come forward about their deceptive nature. Nancy Schafer was a Georgian senate who brought to light that CPS among other “Child Protection” agencies was taking children from good homes and sticking them in mental health facilities when there was nothing wrong with them.

They did it for medical experimentation and sex trafficking. Many of these children are ravished by perverts. Once in the system, these children are subjected to horrible abuse. A study that was done found that the death rate for children in foster care is over 40% higher than other children. WHO is murdering these minors!? This is not done by mistake, it is all on purpose. Human Trafficking is big business and there is constant demand for children in sex work, medical and scientific experimentation, blood and organ harvesting, and other forms of insidious entertainment like snuff films.

It is heart breaking and a direct affront on children. Many parents have had their children stolen for no good reason. No abuse, no neglect, just human traffickers masquerading as a Child Protection Squad. Thousands of them disappear out of the Foster Care and in the United States it is not by accident and is part of this crime ring. They need children to keep this Satanic event running.

Many are waking up to the fact that The United States is being run by the occult. They murder hundreds of thousands of children each year to meet their quota for Satan. Many of these victims are kept underground, in shipping containers, or on islands where they can easily be disappeared.

The CIA is also involved in these child abductions. Many of their staff have been involved in sex crimes against children. This issue is Allowed to go on. In the Freemasonic occult, which is Satanism in camouflage, demands that children are sacrificed. This is why they kidnap so many.

Please be on the look out because as deadly as these Covid Vaccines and other shots are, this too will be used as a reason to snatch people’s children if their guardian rightfully sees fit not to inject this poison into them.

This country does unthinkable terrible things behind closed doors and it goes as high up as the presidency for the grave evil committed and the shadow government ruling from behind the scenes. This directive of child abuse is being sent by Satan himself. This is why the LGBT movement is so aggressive. They want the right to have sexual relations with children and they want it legalized. There have already been instances of Drag Queen Story events where child offenders were found participating as Drag Queens and had to be removed. Why expose children to such behavior so young? There is an agenda from high up for it.

God does not condone these evils being done to children and has a powerful judgement for it as stated in Luke 17:2 where it notes it’s better to have a millstone about the neck and to be tossed into the sea than to offend one these little ones.

Please reach out to God in Christ as His love for humanity is detailed in John 3:16 where He gave His only begotten son so whosoever shall believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Please pray for these children and for the human trafficking brigade to be abolished. High level demonic entities are set up over such behaviors and it takes to power of God to crush it and set the victims free.

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