Vaccine Fraud

Contained Herein are some of the Hard Hitting Facts About This Corona Virus Scam

The powers that be, the government, Demonic Forces, and the Media Have Concocted a Massive Lie to Get People to Take a Bio Weapon That will kill them and or mutate them into something else.

Here are Some Facts Compiled About the Falsely Labeled Covid Vaccine and Why You Shouldn’t Take it.

Mike Yeadon, former Vice President at Pfizer itself has issued multiple warnings about the “Covid Vaccine.” He has come forth with his knowledge in the field to inform the masses that it is deadly and a weapon for mass depopulation. Please take a moment to research what he has said in regards to the roll out of the “Covid Vaccines” across the board. He also noted that due to the severity of the toxins, three years is generous for those who have had it to live.

David Bauer

David Bauer is a prominent scientist wo has worked on the Covid Vaccine. He had admitted that the “Covid Vaccine” intentionally wipes out the immune system. Meaning, if you catch any type of illness, your ability to fight off that infection will be diminished.

There have been further studies that support and can prove the “Covid Vaccine” will decimate the body’s ability to defend itself from even a common cold. Many have nick named this epidemic “VAIDS” or AIDS induced by vaccines. People with immune systems that badly compromised can develope life threatening complications from a common cold.

Stefan Olerich a prominent member of the Bayer Pharmaceuticals company admitted that they knew no one would sign themselves up for gene therapy so they falsely rebranded the procedures as vaccines. The masses who have taken these bioweapons do not understand the full extent of what has been done to them.

Bill Gates who has been at the forefront of the push for the newly implemented mrna shots wrongly marketed as vaccines program is in strong support of population control. One fact is that over-population usually applies to cities that are densely populated like New York. It is more accurate that there are too many people for the powers that be to control so they are leading them to a slaughter under the cover of medicine.

When understanding that these shots are gene therapy with depopulation in mind, the horrific side effects make more sense. It is on purpose. Many hours, research, money and dedication has gone into making these bioweapons as deadly as they are. It was no mistake that they have produced heightened sensorship on the populace. They don’t want anyone exposing the wickedness they are commandeering. The information of government corruption through pharmaceuticals among others could save a life! They cannot afford too many people waking up at a time.

Please be aware of the boosters, nasal tests and covid medications as well. They have also proven to be poisonous.

God is exposing the plan of the enemy and how he is being helped by the occult to murder millions through a plethora of methods including war, famine, directed energy weapons and deadly medicine. It is not God’s will that anyone perish through these demonic afflictions. John 3:16 tells us that God loved the world so much, he sent his only son to save their souls. Please do not be directed by fear but allow God to guide you and read in His word to get the understanding of the end times and how to help prepare your soul for the return of Christ.

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