People for Sale

As the Superbowl of 2022 encroaches let us take time to acknowledge illegal and immoral practices that circulate at this event.

Multicolored shipping containers lined up

Human trafficking is a bloody, bloody complex that is filled with the screams and cries of its victims. Come this superbowl, many victims will be ushered into the fray of the crowds roaring for their favorite team. This criminal empire chooses the superbowl because of the traffic of so many people coming to a large event. Since so many only have their eyes on the game at hand, they would not notice a lost child or someone yelling for help.

The large metal freights that often can be found on the backs of large ships also contain human cargo. These are specially built and contain a type of cooling fan complete with food and water inside the airtight container for the victims to survive the trip of wherever they are being taken to. If for any reason that fan that supplies the victims with air stops working, the people and children inside will die of suffocation and be corpses upon arrival.

This cruel demonic behavior is one of the many factions Satan, through human evil, used uses to torment humanity. The Satanists and witches are becoming bold and boasting their faith in the wicked one. They do not care that their plans, devices and wicked deeds are being brought to light. More information about what is being done in the dark is pouring out every day through the revelations of God almighty. Many of the people who are kidnapped wind up being used for ritual sacrifices that include torture and rape. Some of the industries that capitalize on these traffic victims are the sex trade, human labor, and even human meat.

Please send up strong prayers for those that go through this as it is not God’s will in Christ that anyone go through this and grieves His heart through the shear wickedness of it as He knows their pain. Please reach out to God in Christ for salvation and repent of any sins. These are perilous times and God’s will is not that anyone should suffer needlessly.

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