Mutagen Covid Vaccines

The Covid Vaccines are dealing out great harm and as a gene therapy, they have the possible ability to turn those who take it into savage flesh-eating mutants unlike anything Hollywood produced.

Man wearing a spooky costume for halloween over black background.

Concerning the catastrophic side effects of the Covid Vaccines, it has come to be known the shots are not built to protect against anything let along Covid which if it exists is either a very mild flu aside from the fact there is strong evidence it was made in a lab and released on purpose.

The Covid Vaccine is actually a gene modifier with MRNA, meaning it has elements in it that change the dna. How is that supposed to cure anyone of Covid or help defend them from it?

Children have begun being born that have solid black eyes with no whites showing and developing faster than regular children. Examples of this including being born with teeth and holding their heads up on their own hours after birth.

The common denominator is that the parents had the Covid Injection. At no other point in recent years had these occurrences been happening other than when the Covid Vaccine chemical cocktail had been introduced.

If these injections can mutate human babies through vaccinated parents passing it on to them in the womb, what do you think it can do to an adult? There have been numerous cases of sudden death, development of horrendous illnesses, blood clots, high miscarriage rates, infertility, decreased immune system, and heart attacks as a result of taking the deadly cocktails. These deadly vaccines have a specific purpose and that is to wipe out the human race under the guise of protection from disease!!

Things may yet be making a turn for the worst in current events. Aside from the obvious poisonings and nanotechnology hidden in the “Covid Vaccine”, there have been prophecies that expose the arising of zombies or mutated humans with heighted strength, speed, hearing a horrid stench and ability to track human beings and tear them limb from limb. Regular humans who took the Covid Vaccine have been forecasted to become these swift murderous beings.

The Master’s Voice is a blog contains many prophetic messages that warn of coming destruction to America for their unrepentant sins and grave evil committed. Many Bible believers already refer to the United States as modern-day Babylon because of the spiritual wickedness.

There are segments of The Master’s Voice blog that speak of the zombification of humanity by way of the Covid Vaccine. Personal Research will tell you this Vaccine is a bioweapon that will pose great harm and is a type of gene editor that can mutate the human race into something disastrous if it does not kill them first.

The Master’s Voice blog calls these zombies “reanime” because they are reanimated humans. Think this couldn’t happen? The very CDC has on their webpage a section dedicated for zombie preparedness. It is not a game or Halloween gimmick. They are preparing for something. Those of you keen to government corruption know many of these diseases are man-made and unleashed on the public to cause terror, kill and control the populace.

Please seek God in Christ. This post is not detailing that everyone who took the Covid Vaccine will morph into something inhuman but is a warning that it is deadly in many cases and had the ability to tamper with the human gene code, influence behavior and even turn a person hostile and violent on top of the many, many health issues it has caused. The Master’s Voice blog prophecy mentioned in this post is based on their revelations from God and you are encouraged to do your own research.

God is not willing that anyone should perish. He wants to save, prepare and warn you from the perils to come so you will not be caught unaware. Please cry out to God in Christ for salvation of your soul in eternity.

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