CoVid Vaccine Linked to Deaths

Glass vials containing liquid medical vaccine used to shot for injection treatment with blurred needle syringe on blue background and copy space, vaccination and immunization care for preventing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak concept.

This vaccine is intentionally deadly and not experimental. It is a BioWeapon. There are numerous accounts of those taking the shot becoming magnetized with metallic objects are able to cling to their body. It is no coincidence that analysis of the Covid vaccine reveal it contains graphene. Graphene is an often toxic substance that has magnetic properties. This magnitism indicates the presence of foreign metals in the blood.

Speaking of foreign bodies in the blood, there have been close analysis of the pfizer dose that shows moving eight legged beings that resemble the hydra, a tiny organism that abodes in water and defy aging. They have regenerative abilities that intrigue scientists, but why is this being in the Covid 19 shot?

Squid like beings and metals that transform a person into a living magnet? This is cause for alarm as those who have had these “vaccines” tend to have blood that is unhealthier, blackened, lower in oxygen and warped.

Why Are They Doing This?

It is a push for massive depopulation. The globalists who run the world affairs from behind the scenes are pushing a demonic agenda to kill off as many people as possible. Do you really believe people like Fauci and Bill gates do not understand what these shots are doing to people? They are only a faction of the many nameless and faceless entities in the Satanic cults that are comprised of Free Masons and other secret societies that get orders from the Devil and pull strings to lead people to their doom.

The Georgia Guidestones foretells of occult rules to govern humanity, one of which is to keep the population of humanity under the ranks of 500 million. There are billions on the Earth, how else do you think they plan to achieve this goal? Mass murder under the guise of a healthful injection.

This shot will kill millions if not billions and it’s by Design. They are doing it on purpose and have been working on this scheme for years! Not only does it kill, but it corrupts the dna in order to work with the highly corrosive 5G technology wavelengths that can interact with the metals in the Covid shot and either turn you into a receiver for mind control among other purposes or kill you upon contact.

Bill Gates once touted on an episode of TED TALKS that he planned to lower the world population by you guessed it, Vaccines. These Covid injections are unlike any shot that came before them and have a more targeted and deadly purpose… He has also admitted that these shots will alter you DNA making you into a different being with another energy signature if it doesn’t kill you first.

Something in the Blood

There have been reports of children being born mutated meaning having solid black eyes with no whites showing, newborns with teeth and able to walk and hold their heads up on their own shortly after birth. This is not natural and it is arguable as to whether these children are entirely human. The common denominator? They are the children of vaccinated parents which falls in line with the corruption of the DNA at the fault of these Covid Shots which at their core serve as dangerous gene modifyers.

Add to the fact that some of these Covid shots contain an ingredient by the name of Luciferase, a substance added to the shots which have been able to make the people glow in the dark under a dark light. Many are saying this shot is the mark of the Beast. Please do your own research on this matter, but the issue remains that these shots are among but a few of the many plots to kill off humanity at the Devil’s bidding.

The mainstream media is not going to tell you the truth as they are heavily sensoring those who can critically think and learn from the examples of government tyranny from history including the Tuskegee Experiments and Thalidomide in which profit and experimentation took presidence over human will being in two among many health scandals that riddle the United States and other countries.

Mark 4:22 – For there is nothing hid which shall not be made manifested; neither was anything kept secret, but that it should come abroad.

God is allowing many truths to come to light in these prophetic times. Please follow Him in Christ and seek close relationship with Him ad confess your sins that He may save your soul. John 3:16 decries of God’s love for people. Please turn to GOd in Christ in these perilous times.

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