Pedophilic Empire

Aside from deep corruption, many who have high influence including celebrities and politicians have been exposed as pedophiles who engage in sex trafficking, Satan worship and human sacrifice.

Pizza Gate

What is Pizza-Gate?

Pizza-Gate is a nationwide scandal where celebrities and politicians as high up as the presidency have been implicated in grand scale pedophilia, child rape, and human trafficking. One incident that brought this to light for the public was the exposure of mass emails being interchanged between Hillary Clinton and Podesta. The emails had heavy usage of repetitive words like “pizza,” “hotdog,” “walnut,” “ice cream,” to the point it was suspicious.

What were they really talking about?

The FBI helped shed light on this issue when they disclosed a chart breaking down what those code words meant.

Pizza = Little girl

Hotdog = Little boy

Walnut = Children of color

Ice cream = Girl Toddler

The earliest mention of Pizza Gate to the public was in 2015-2016 when wiki leaks, a website that exposes government files, released emails between Hillary and Podesta, the owner of a Pizza themed restaurant named Comet Ping Pong.

The emails shared between the two spanned in the thousands and used coded words like “pizza” and “ice cream” repetitively to the point it took on a different meaning. Combined with this and the revelation of the FBI “guide sheet” listing what these code words meant, the reality of what they were really discussing became much more disturbing.

Why aren’t these people in jail? Occult ties, vast wealth and connections to the politicians and the judicial system, they are able to by pass the law and escape justice. Many of the child peddlers deal in politics and it’s still so rampant because thepoliticians are involved and trying to legalize it! Investigations often go no where because the American establishment that is supposed to stop it is profitting from the disaster that is human trafficking. Their money also affords them the ability to silence those who would expose them via controlling the media and or assasinations.

Podesta himself houses many questionable works of art including that of children in compromising positions: Little girls in their under wear on their knees and lined up in a row and an emaciated-looking young boy tied up and hanging against a wall, to name a few in the startling collection. In lew of the evidence these are not just statement pieces…

Remember earlier when it was discussed that those with resources are able to navigate easier in this American system? Aside from the tragedy that is pedophilia and human trafficking is the occult organization of Free Masonic Order. The masons are a secretive organization, that has been running the country behind the scenes for decades. They are one of many organizations that engage in occult practices. Members in the higher ranks actively engage in Satanic ritual abuse and the harvesting of human blood for consumption– all of which ties into pedophilia and the abuse of children and cannibalism.

Marina Abromovich a “spirit cooker” or witch hosts who hosts cannibalistic parties, had connections to Podesta and Comet Ping Pong. Some of the big names in American entertainment including Jay Z and Lady Gaga have also been in attendance of her social gatherings.

Marina hosting a “Spirit-Cooking” party with celebrity Lady Gaga and guests.

A pizza place with political ties, mentions of pedophilia and cannibalism? Comet Ping Pong is a cover for a criminal web implicating influential figures from celebrities, politicians, and the White House on a global scale. It’s an underground marketplace, the main commodity of which is children.

Unfortunately, this pizza shop is but one of the many fronts they use to disguise their illicit crimes.

This shocking revelation was back with a vengeance following the Jeffery Epstein scandal. Jeffery, a prominent businessman with ties to the presidency was exposed for peddling children for sex. Epstein held an entire island dedicated to pedophilia with a specific airline that funneled children and guests to and from that location. Flight logs for the airline revealed persons from Donald Trump to performer Nick Cannon to name a few on the extensive lists.

The children are used as a commodity of sorts. They are traded like product and used as collateral. Pizza-gate is not a form of hysteria. It happened in the late 80s to early 90s and was known as the Franklin scandal. It was written off as a “hoax” but this isn’t the first time the rich have used lies to cover their tracks. Nancy Schaefer, a Georgian member of senate, was murdered trying to expose Child Services for the massive funding they receive for wrongly taking peoples’ children or falsely putting them in mental facilities. Many of these stolen children wind up in trafficking rings because of their accessibility.

Isaac Kappy, a famous actor and music maker, went public about Hollywood’s role in pedophilia, trafficking cartels and human trafficking only to be murdered shortly after.

They are two of countless people who have been killed bringing this issue to light.

Think this can’t happen? Child sacrifice and abuse for religious purposes is Biblical, meaning it has spanned back thousands of years and is still going on today. One prized possession and motivation for it besides perversion is Adrenochrome. Adrenochrome is blood harvested from children in a heightened state of fear and pain induced by rape and torture. It saturates the victims’ blood with adrenaline, hence its name. It incites a high within the user. The blood has been utilized in a powdered form:

The above photo shows adrenochrome for sale on the shopping site Alibaba before being taken down from their search list.

Disclosed by the FBI are some of the symbols that child predators use to interact with one another: photo

Don’t they look familiar? The top row symbols are compared to actual company logos on the bottom. It’s a global trafficking ring. Don’t think that that huge corporation couldn’t be involve at least at the CEO’s level. Many of these corporations operate as massive fronts for crime. This does not mean they are all involved, but there is a strong resemblence.

There has been a monstrous attack on humanity from Satan and children are the target.

Luke 17:2 – It were better that a millstone were hung around his neck, and he cast into the sea, than he should offend one of these little ones.

There is a powerful judgement from God for those who harm children especially in such brutal and savage ways. He is watching and will hold all those responsible accountable.

Genesis 9:4 – But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.

This is a clear commandmant from God not to consume blood. These sick occultists are trying to drink the life force of an innocent and use their blood as a cosemetic and tonic to give themselves a youthful appearance. It is in vain and they will not live forever as only living in Christ can offer eternal life.

Please pray for the recovery, safety and welfare of these childen and others captured and harmed by the occult and human trafficking.

photo credit: Mattiii photo Greta via photopin (license)

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