Bullying – A Scriptural Perspective

Bullying is an ever present issue in society, but what is God’s say? What soul-utions can we conclude for His glory?

Bully Articleees

Bullying is the act of inappropriately harassing, threatening, teasing, berating, causing, physical harm, telling lies on, intimidating and embarrassing someone on a regular basis unprovoked.

These issues have persisted for as long as there has been a sky above our heads and some would venture to call it a normal apart of “growing up,” (which will never be true) how can this be when it’s been proven that the scars of being harassed can last a life time? Americans have many false narratives they cling to and “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is one of them. The Bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue – Proverbs 18:21.  Words carry meaning and power, so much power that you can be motivated or berated by how they are spoken to you. All of us can relate to having a rough tongue slice through us and the agony it left behind – the power of them is distinct.

Harmful words go into the soul and can leave a reverberating echo in the mind, causing disarray in emotions on just one occasion, let alone verbal assaults everyday. Due to the developmental nature of youth, an assault on their being in any form, paves the way for how they will interact with others in their future. This in turn generally lowers confidence and how far a person’s endeavors to go in life.

None who propagate such hurtful words will get away with it. All will give an account of idle words spoken, including those meant to hurt – Matthew 12:6. This means for those who bully or harass others, there are consequences. Those who harass others will reap what they sow and have their actions and deeds returned upon them – Galations 6:7. Among the greatest commandments is to love your neighbor as yourself and when the total opposite is done, there are debts to be paid including retribution from The Creator from how bullying has affected anothers’ life – Exodus 20:3-17.

The way the incidents are handled is worse. Many school staff don’t want to deal with this situation. It is usually shrugged off and treated as a nuisance when the child goes for help. This explains why incidents escalate to the point where victims believe they’ve no choice but to protect themselves.  In turn, parental conflict arises from anger about what’s happening to their children and nothing being done about it.

Most often when something disastrous happens from all the build up, schools want no part in the consequences of their inaction.

Recently,  a young girl in Texas perspired from blunt force head trauma when a group of classmates (they regularly assaulted her) were kicking her in the head. The school in which this happened was all too happy when the coroners tried to blame it on a brain tumor. However, the school should be held responsible on the strength that such an attack happened on their school grounds and ashamed for not doing anything when it was brought to their attention by the victim’s parents manifold times before.

Consequences of school staff not intervening after being aware of the situation cause the victim of bullying to become depressed, lash out and contemplate suicide to escape the torment. More so, when the offending party sees nothing is being done about their actions, their activities of picking with the student will get worse and escalate until it reaches a horrendous outcome. If it is not already, the bullying may become physical and someone will get hurt.

Other reasons for concern are the education of the students. Parents on average pay for their children to be in school and if they can’t learn because they are being traumatized or distracted when someone is picking with them, their investment is for nothing and children may be compelled to avoid school. This can happen in any institution, from public to private and charter school.

Mankind in general is becoming more evil with each generation and bullying is not something to take a chance on. This can also be found in Matthew 24:12.  Social media is another frontier on which bullying occurs and needs to be monitored by parents and guardians. It’s important to watch children’s behavior and cultivate that relationship where they feel comfortable and impelled to tell you about what’s happening to them. It’s important to pray together and invite God into the equation.

The bullying pandemic is a direct result of prayer being taken out of schools and an affront on the Creator as He loves us and is the embodiment of mercy  and justice.  We were created to have a relationship with the Creator, and when He is rejected there is nothing but emptiness. Those who concoct these “policies” are at enmity with The Most High. They not only leave the children without contact with their Creator, but destroy a layer of spiritual protection, leaving the door wide open for demonic influence to walk through. All in favor of unGodlessness…

In short, bullying is emotionally and physically taxing for the victim and the guardian who cares for them. Those who are victims of this are encouraged from The Creator Himself as 2nd Thessalonians 3:3 says God is faithful and will deliver you from evil. He cares. The bully, may seem to be getting away with it, but The Most High says in 2nd Peter 3:9 that He is not slow in His promises, but does not want anyone to perish. The Creator is giving the person causing pain a chance to repent as they may be affected by something that causes them to act int that way. This does not mean they will get away with it, and in no way condones bullying, it testifies of the Creator’s mercy in Yeshua name.

If a school refuses to do anything about the situation and attempts to brush the incidents aside there are other options including home schooling where the child can learn from home with quality lessons they can access from a portal login. Many are free of cost.

If you or anyone you know of is being bullied you are urged to pray and seek help. Resources include the  bullying hotline at 540-843-1700. If you or anyone you know is considering suicide you may call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. God cares for you and anyone being bullied. It is not His will that you or anyone consider harming yourself. Mankind is encouraged to cry out to The Creator in Yeshua name for He cares for us – 1 Peter 5:6-7.

The Creator has given us the precious gift of salvation so that those who believe in Him will not perish. We must pray to Him in Yeshua name and ask for forgiveness of sins so that we can live according to His will. God wants us to be free in life from sorrow and we must walk with Him ensure peace of mind and to hep others.






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