The Holy Spirit


Yeshua, known as the sacrifice for sins, said he would leave us with a comforter. Who is this comforter and how does he communicate with us?
The comforter spoken of in the Bible is what has been promised to teach us all things and will bring into memory all things which Yeshua has spoken – John 14:26.
This pertains to the Holy Spirit as a guide and can be referenced as a moral compass concerning The Creator’s law. When we read God’s word, The Holy Spirit will remind and bring back to your memory scriptures and wisdom that pertain to certain situations for guidance. One example would be the encouragement of Philippians 4:13 coming to mind when you’re fighting against odds.
Getting to Know and Understand The Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is a guide who works under the will of The Creator. He often manifests as what some call a “gut feeling”or unexplained sense or supernatural insight into situations. Others might call it intuition or a spirit sense. A small voice is often heard within a person that gives them advice and warnings. This voice is often overlooked and many attest to the disastrous effects of ignoring this intuitus helper often citing, “Something told me…” Not every voice is of The Creator and it is important to pray to Him in Yeshua for further insight.

The Holy Spirit, also cited as The Holy Ghost, is a source of direction for believers and a gift from The Creator if you ask for it. If evil people give gifts unto their own children, how much more will The Most High give to you? – Luke 11:13. This means The Creator will not with hold The Holy Spirit from you if you ask. It also hints that there are few greater gifts than those of the spirit which are ever lasting and freely given of The Creator.

The spirit will also teach each of the believers what they should say and when – Luke 12:12. This spirit will not only remind you of The Creator’s word, but will guide your thoughts and actions as well as speech. This is important as God pays attention to the words that we say, whether good or evil – Matthew 12:36.

The Holy Spirit is granted to those who ask, but under the condition of obedience – Acts 5:32. Obeying The Creator is how we are able to keep communion with The Holy Spirit as ignoring that nudging voice of God can weaken your relationship with Him.
Concerning attributes, The Holy Spirit can also be grieved. After the Holy Spirit has been granted unto you as a follower of The Creator through Yeshua, certain things can be done which grieve him – Ephesians 4:30. Grieving the Holy Spirit as with The Creator includes, rebelling against His word, abusing others, being dishonest, sloth, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs for a constant high, theft, etc. Such behaviors and more can cause The Holy Spirit to dwindle in one’s life and cause rifts in their relationship with The Creator.

The Holy Spirit encourages and gives wisdom and advice. Many scriptures can be found throughout the Bible and the new testament pertaining. The next time you hear that small voice on the inside, confirm it with the Creator and pray as He will lead you into all truth and righteousness through His word.

The Holy Spirit is but one way The Creator communicates with us. Other means include the Bible, circumstances, visions, dreams, good messengers and nature. Listen for what the The Most High may be telling you personally and never forget true repentance. Admitting that you are a sinner and asking the Most High for forgiveness through Yeshua is the primary step to your walk with God as a new believer and one who has walked with The Most High for years. We must ask for forgiveness with intent to stop sinning so we do not grieve God’s spirit and cause His presence to diminish in our lives and bring punishment. Life is short and we must try our best to work for The Most High ad not cut ourselves off from Him and end in eternal separation from Him.

Seek The Most High and commune with His spirit, you will get better at discerning His voice through prayer, fasting and reading the word as this will increase obedience when followed through on the believer’s part. Be blessed that as you seek the Lord, His presence will increase in your life in Yeshua name.

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