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Swap artificial sugars for nutrients wrapped in sweetness: Fruit!


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Highly sugared candies and chocolates blanketed in pink and red ribbons are popular during this season, but is there something more valuable?

Offer gifts of organic nutrition that come in the form of edible energy. Fruits are a much healthier alternative than processed foods with artificial additions and excess sugars. These foods can prove addictive and hard to put down especially for children.

Modified sugars can rot the teeth with bleached sucrose the body was not meant to consume. Such foods are best in moderation and rarely consumed. If opting for chocolate, low fat and low sugar options are optimal as cocoa has many benefits including boosting better moods — natural and dark chocolate, not processed. Fruit and cocoa are far more viable options as they give the gift and encouragement of healthy eating habits.

Valentines day, which spurs candy buying, is more or less a marketing scheme for merchandisers to get money. There is hardly one day to convey love for someone. It is an ancient ceremonious holiday which has its beginnings in Rome. Valentine’s day is a pagan holiday set over a goddess which can prompt indirect adoration and homage to an ancient deity. This is not what the Creator wants.

Are we to allow merchants and pagan traditions to dictate special days for love and kindness when these are ideals to be shared everyday?

It says in John 4:24 to worship Most High in spirit and in truth meaning, we are not to set aside days that do not focus on Him and are modeled after traditions that had nothing to do with the holiness of God and His message of salvation.



photo credit: blumenbiene <a href=”″>Kirschernte 2017</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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