Goodbye Internet Rights


The Repeal of Internet Neutrality

Imagine seeing your favorite internet business or blogger erased from the search bar. Seeing an online community in which only internet providers like Comcast can broadcast their shows and content. Sounds wild right?

Not really. The right to have freedom of media and what you can post is soon to be restricted as Internet Neutrality has been repealed as of this year. Net Neutrality allowed anyone to post content without it being slowed down by internet providers. This helped keep the internet unbiased and balanced. Now that right has be taken away.

Internet Providers can now slow down browsing sessions, and prevent certain websites from appearing in your search engine. Internet prices may shoot up and soon individuals would have to start paying for platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Netflix and others. This is down in favor of stopping competition for internet providers. Those affected will be online businesses, Youtube platforms and even bloggers.

This is not just an attack on free speech and the freedom to post content, but an attack on the right to certain information and a window to the rest of the world.

Many people have found and learned about God (From the Bible) on their internet travels along with many other educational videos that focus on health and fact checking when the TV broadcasts attempt to publish a dishonest narrative.

As internet providers will take priority in what get seen, new websites will be harder to find.

These changes will likely take time before enaction, but changes definitely will be made on how and what is able to be viewed over the internet. Internet users can enjoy what they can of the many free websites before internet prices go up and or numerous amounts of content are slowed down in favor of competition or blocked from viewing.

The future of the internet seems to be changing to slash competition, but there are many petitions circulating and legislators who can be contacted to keep internet neutrality measures.


photo credit: UWW University Housing <a href=”″>Computer Terminal</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;


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