Rising Youtube Star

Looking to follow the newest beauty trends, or perhaps you’re looking to revamp your style? Well check out the Victoria Tamar channel on Youtube.




Victoria’s channel is fun, innovative and fashionable. Victoria herself is a makeup artist who specializes in colorful palettes as well as natural hairstyles and wigs. She models fall fashions she coordinates and gives great suggestions on how to start the season off with style.

Each video offers new tutorials on makeup brands and how to compliment different shades of color. She is most notably recognized for her beauty makeup hauls in which she displays swatches of lip stick and eyeliner to help viewers find the perfect hue.

Her channel offers an enthusiastic and informative approach as she offers her own twist on fashion trends and clothing. A trend setter, she prefers to set her own path when it comes to everything from her hairstyle choices down to her lip stick. Each video she presents a unique collage of fresh makeup designs and clothing choices.

While on the topic, she also does product reviews for popular head phone accessories. As a new comer to the video stylist scene, she offers a vibrant and colorful contribution to the visual artist community.
Try out some of her videos and maybe you’ll comment on which style you liked the best. Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoyed the content.

If her videos brimming with fashion goodness were too good to keep to yourself, share with a friend and spread the word.
As with any makeup, it is important to check the ingredients and make sure you do not have any allergies or are being exposed to harmful chemicals. It may help to use any type of makeup in moderation if you are not sure how it will affect your skin.

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