Managing Pain

Looking for a way to soothe those aches and pains? Studies show that massage therapy can produce phenomenal pain-reducing results. It has been proven to relieve anxiety and stress, leading to a better caliber of life.


Over 99 million US citizens indicated that pain is a major concern in their lives. Pain causes most people to visit physicians in over 79% of cases, but is only a symptom of an underlying issue. Whatever the reason, it impacts the person in pain, their relatives and their ability to work which can hurt finances. Figures show that bodily pain costs over $599 billion in health care expenses and work loss based on research from Samueli Institute, the American Massage Therapy Association and the Message Therapy Foundation.
Speaking of recurring pain, some of the main causes have been bad posture, holding heavy objects, obesity and the stress it puts on joints, walking in high heels, wounds from contusions, laying on a lumpy mattress and natural deterioration of the spine. These are some of the most common origins of returning pain. It is important to recognize how many of these factors are affecting you and speak with a doctor on how you can make adjustments to preserve your health. As pain can stem from any manner of issues, it is important to maintain regular medical practitioner’s visits.
Massage therapy is not only effective when contrasted with those who do not get treatment, but is an alternative to drug prescriptions for managing pain. This has been backed by the American Massage Therapy Association or, AMTA. The AMTA is not only the biggest denomination in massage therapy and research, but is an immense non-profit that benefits the massage therapy occupation.

Those looking to book appointments with a massage therapist near them can search the American Therapy Association’s search engine: Massage therapy can make a considerable distinction in how pain is managed in your life.
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