Innocents to Finally Be Released from US Prisons

A program from the 90s seeks to have released those who have been wrongfully jailed.


Thousands of innocent people languish in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, whether from corruption, racism, or mistaken identity. The Innocence Project is working to change that. Founded in 1992 by two students of law Yeshiva University. The sole purpose of this organization is DNA testing to differentiate real offenders from those put into the system by mistake. Many of those benefiting from this organization have been in jail for at least a decade.

Staff for the Innocence Project consists of lawyers who use advanced technology to argue the innocence of those falsely accused. They are intent on revolutionizing the prison system by restructuring the process that so easily ushers into the prison cells those who have done no wrong.

Programs held in the Innocence Program also serve to reintegrate freed prisoners back into society. Whole departments are dedicated to serving the rehabilitation of the recently freed.

The Innocence Project offers the opportunity to reunite the families of those victimized by the system. It is crucial to remember just about anyone can be jailed under false pretenses and how fast any of us would want our innocence proved if we had not committed a crime. This is an urgent issue requiring prompt attention. There are real criminals who are walking the streets while someone else takes the wrap for their crimes. The American legal system carries one of the greatest miscarriages of justice especially towards black people who are incarcerated at twice the rate of any other race. Programs such as the Innocence Project are living proof not all of these imprisonments are not justified, deserved or fair.

Project Innocence is over 60,000 members strong and helped free about 300 illegally imprisoned persons using DNA evidence. Following increased support, this organization has the chance to grow helping us all examine the proliferating menace feeding off high numbers known as the prison system. When thoroughly analyzed, the prison industry is a business operation like any other, the more sent to jail the more money made. Add greed to this equation and it’s just a monster itching for expansion so those making financial gain can benefit. It’s often at the expense of once viable tax paying citizens who fall prey to the penal system.

Poverty has a great deal to do with many who are incarcerated. Not having the means to pay a lawyer to uncover facts and defend their innocence leads to more being shuffled down the prison isles. Is jail the consequence for being poor? It seems like it.

The leading cause of wrongful imprisonment according to Project Innocence has been mistaken identity by witnesses. These are issues that could easily have been cleared up with proper legal defense, but why would those in charge want to change this when there is so much money to be made? Most of the cases handled by the Innocence Project involve sexual assault where DNA evidence is vital in finding the real criminal and not a person jailed in their place. This organization seems to stand for the justice and even treatment of American citizens. Their organization is currently accepting donations and new volunteers are always needed. Try looking up one of these nonprofits or the like if you’re interested in helping defend those wrongfully jailed.

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