Modern Slave Trade in Washington D.C.

Authorities on alert as human trafficking rapidly increases in America


America may be the “birth place” of freedom, but it is far from crime free. Today brothels and crime rings are teaming up to grab young girls off the street and put them to work as prostitutes. Many girls are lured by a slick talker who presents empty promises of a job and a loving relationship. Later on a victim will find it was just a lure to ensnare them.
It seems like a stretch, but America is an infamous hot spot for human trafficking. A large sanction of children are trafficked right in the US’s capital of Washington D.C.

Tactic’s like violence and assault are used to coerce and imprison victims into a slave trade where they are often forced to sell themselves, raped and physically abused.

As with any heinous crime, money is the main motivation. Human trafficking brings in $100 billion annually. At the expense of children who are among America’s most vulnerable, overseers of evil are becoming rich all the while snatching these captives’ valuable futures away from them.

Many teenage females from Mexico have been exported to the US. Child Peddlers are willing to wait years building a long relationship with the victim to gain their trust and obedience. The targeted person may figure out something is wrong, but by this time it is too late for them and they have been marketed off for prostitution.

The slave trade is not a “third-world problem,” it is alive and well in America. Most of the victims of trafficking have been underage females with the slave holders mostly being Latino men. These slave traders are not limited to men as near a third are women.

Organizations like the Polaris Project are waging war against these foul practices. Joining and or supporting organizations that halt slave traders is a monumental step in ensuring freedom for everyone in the United States and making sure those who hold others against their will are brought to justice.


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