Organ Harvesting

People the world over are being killed for their organs. Are you at risk?
Are Blacks more likely to have organs stolen?


Organ theft: Seems like an ambitious urban legend, but thousands and perhaps millions have had their organs stolen for profit. Digging up dead bodies to empty them of their organs is big business, although illegal.

Due to high levels of disease and limited availability of organs, there has been a rise in the sale and theft of body parts from both the living and the deceased. So desperate are buyers for organs that they will hire hit men to kill for organs by any means possible.

Children sold into slavery are not only raped but used for organ harvesting. One case in China involved a child discovered sobbing by himself only to find his eyes were cut out, leaving him blind. An African girl had been seized and taken to the United Kingdom to be robbed of her organs via an illegal operation in another instance. Fortunately she was saved by authorities before this could happen.

Abductions and murders for organs are not limited to foreign countries, but may be all too common in the United States as well. Just in 2013 a Georgian youth, Kendrick Johnson, was found dead in his high school stuffed in a mat. His death was deemed a mishap until the autopsy results came in. He had been robbed of his vital organs and crammed with newspaper before being found dead in PE class (Physical education).

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, professor of Anthropology at the University of Berkeley in California went under-cover posing as both a buyer and seller of organs. She found that the trail of blood led back to wealthy buyers who pay top dollar for organs with kidneys being the most in-demand.
Gluttonous vendors stop at nothing to supply buyers with organs which often were snatched out of children’s bodies without their consent. Many of these organs have been sold to recipients in major American provinces like Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles.

These vital organs can fetch over $199,000 a piece on the Black Market. As money is the main motivation for such crimes, funeral homes and doctors/ surgeons are often willing to turn a blind eye and falsify documents for the money vendors will split with them.

The World Health Organization recognizes that over 6000 illegal organs are said to be in circulation in any one year, but due to the secretive nature of such operations, this number could be 100 times higher.

Over 100,000 are on a waiting list for organs and almost 20 will die per day without one. The despair and race for organs is so strong, some object to putting “organ donor” on their driver’s licenses for fear it will put a target on their back — that they’ll be murdered and events will be staged so their deaths will look like accidents…

The best bet for stopping these fraudulent practices is educating yourself about these practices. Groups like Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting already exist to put a stop to these events world wide. Contacting law makers to regulate laws combating illegal organ harvesting will also make strides against abuse of the medical system and people’s lives.

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