Human Meat at McDonalds?

Due to recent lab studies, it appears the human meat scandal is more than a fable as disclosed in a haunting radio interview


An interview between racist radio host James Wickstrom and a Jewish Abraham Finkelstein alleges that kids are stolen from their homes by the thousands on a yearly basis, killed, drained of their blood, tossed into private meat factories and sold to major food producers like Mcdonalds. Said meat is then consumed by millions who eat the famed breakfast sandwiches and burgers for lunch. If this is true then people are being led into cannibalism against their will and knowledge.

Said by Finkelstein himself,

“We steal a hundred to three hundred thousand children a year, just here in this country and we drain their blood and we mix it with the passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own and we grind up all the bodies into sausages and hamburgers, McDonalds is one of our favourite outlets and the people, they eat them for breakfast they eat them for lunch.”
These claims seem outlandish and fake—a hoax even. That is, until a study done by Clear Labs, a food inspection company, released their findings on the content of hotdogs and certain meats. The study found that around 2% of the meats they examined contained human DNA. The same findings held true for hamburger meat as well with the addition of rat DNA.

The human DNA came from someone’s hair accidentally falling in right? Wrong! If Finkelstein’s account is to be believed, the human DNA was in the meat long before it ended up in the processing plant…

Add in the fact that human meat can be indistinguishable from pork and there’s no telling what you’re eating. Also, the interview mentioned the preference of selling meat to McDonald’s outlets, but who else are they supposedly selling the remains of these children to? Local supermarkets?

Why would anyone do this you ask? According to a Jewish professor of Bar ILan University in Israel, Ariel Toeff, this is part of a massive scheme by secret ruling class Jews who believe they should treat non-Jews or “goyim” like filth because they do not share the Jewish heritage and are like cattle as Finkelstein illustrates in the interview.

The ritual murder of children at the hands of select Jews is detailed in a book named Blood Passover by Ariel Toeff. Ariel Toeff himself was the son of an established Rabbi in Rome and was deeply shaken by the blood ritual murders of children he knew of first hand from studying the Ashkenazi Jewish community and watching as the culprits covered each other’s tracks while evading the law through bribery.

Abe Finkelstein said he was being honest on the radio show because there was so little anyone could do to stop them and in spite of glaring evidence like Ariel Toeff’s book, people refused to “wake up.” He credits the nonchalant attitude to the public schools the Jews put in place to keep people simple-minded and uninformed. He claimed that people do not know of these schemes because “they don’t self-teach” and expect someone to give them the information.
Toeff received mass criticism from the Jewish community for his book which presumably brought to light a criminal empire of Jews harvesting children for their blood for use as medicine and to further their satanic sacrifices. His book was pulled off shelves and he was forced to with drawl some of his claims.

The select Jews Toeff reveals are said to be very rich, powerful and have their hands in many facets of government policies around the world including control over television and what gets aired.

Videos and web pages of Wickstrom and Finkelstein’s interview can be found throughout the internet and whether it is true or not is left solely to the individual as it seems there is a nugget of truth in every myth.

*So much truth has come out in these prophetic times. Human trafficking and the torture and murder of innocents at the hands of Satanists is becoming common knowledge. These terrible things are being done to please Satan and poison the populace by feeding them human remains so they can develop illness. Please be prayerful in what you eat. Give your life to God in Jesus name to save your eternal soul by asking for forgiveness of sin.

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