Egg Sales Spike After Avian Flu Detection

Food scares hit shelves as a bolstered form of bird virus cripples the egg industry. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that fees for eggs have grown two-fold following the Avian Flu outbreak. 30% or 30 million of the farms’ finest (Chickens) have been sickened as of June 2015 whereas the flu reemerged in January of this year says the American Egg Board. Manufacturers lie in wait of increased charges for the chicken fetuses as abbreviated production is expected.
This is a costly happening as eggs compose many of the foods eaten daily like cookies and cakes. The cost of the un-useable liquid chicken off-spring has almost reached almost $1 billion in wasted produce. Californian egg tariffs have nearly hit the $10 mark for a case of 12 in certain stores.
Who’s been bested? Iowa, the head of egg laying operations in the US, and Minnesota, the chief in Turkey meat have had the most to lose (Best Food). Being heralded as the most infamous bird ailment in… ever, the bird marketplace faulted the USDA for not halting the bird malady with more haste.
If you think you’ll never see eggs again at descent prices, fret not. Hampton Creak, a budding producer of plant based, sustainable food has gained momentum as businesses and consumers alike seek stand-ins for egg products. Hampton Creak, started by CEO Josh Tetrick in 2011, is eager to maximize plant usage to minimize mass energy from raising animals. Tetrick also noted in an interview, conducted by Business Insider, the challenge of making a true-to-form egg alternative. They haven’t straightened out all the kinks in the recipe yet.
Hampton Creak has since been diligently keeping up with pooling requests for their egg-free commodities like their ‘Just Mayo’ sandwich spread, new pan cake mix and even fried bread in the making. There were lumps in this batter as Hampton Creak almost caught a legal offense over the usage of the word “mayonnaise” from Unilever. They are continually combining various plants to make up the textures of foods so many know and love.
Can’t wait for a faux omelette? Dr. Daniel Shaw, head of Veterinary Medical Diagnosis in Birds at the University of Missouri and Maro Ibarburu, Assistant Scientist and Business Inspector at Iowa University’s Egg Industry Center, were questioned and disclosed that Avian sickness isn’t expected to harm homo-sapiens. Although no avian infection of this eminence has befallen America in an extreme hiatus, Dr. Shaw assures that the illness can be nuked if heated during preparation.

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