Are Vaccines Causing Cancer?

Scientists and government officials confess that polio vaccines from the 1950-60s in United States contained an active cancer strain.


The vaccine originally intended to fight polio may possibly have given its recipients something else: cancer. Dispersed in the 1950s to 1960s, Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine from that era has been cited to have contained a contaminate classified as the SV40 virus. SV40 is a cancer strain known to cause tumors in animals, mainly apes. A scientist by the name Bernice Eddy realized there was a defect with the polio vaccine at the time, yet this poisoned vaccine was sanctioned to be released nonetheless.

SV40 is said to have sprung from primates having vaccines tested on them and the early sixties saw over 99 million adolescents injected with this serum which many parents believed was fighting polio. Currently government health officials don’t deny the presence of this cancer product in the polio vaccines from the 1950s. Ironically, they do deny the ability of this vaccine to have contributed to paramount cancer diagnoses in Americans who might have had this polio vaccination in the 1950s and 60s and their children today.

In America 99 million alone is nearly a third of the population and if cancer rates are acknowledged, about one in three will develop it in their lifetime. I believe there is more to the potency of the SV40 in those batches of polio vaccines than government officials let on. Isn’t saying that vaccines laden with cancer aren’t able to cause cancer the same as saying a soft drink laced with cyanide won’t cause death? It makes no sense and is it even questionable as to whether it can make you sick? This vaccine advertised polio immunization at the time, not a live cancer virus.

Vaccines have already begun to take center stage in numerous health scandals. This news only serves to validate peoples’ fears. Now is viable time to put more pressure on the government than ever to warrant exactly what is put into these immunizations. Who knows what will be revealed 40 years from now about what toxins were in the vaccines we take today?

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