Wine for Cats


Cats tired of watching humans drink wine with none of their own can now drink wine that is specially tailored for them. Apollo Peak, located in Denver, Colorado has mixed together a special blend that mirrors wine, but is just that – a look-a-like. There are no actual alcohol substances or berries in the mixture, only non-genetically modified cat nip, beats, and water. Beets, which are not an entirely common food to cats are added for the reddish color.
Manufacturer Bandon Zavala stated that the “wine,” labeled Pinot Meow, is similar to tea, but its color looked so much like wine, he wanted buyers to see it as that. This way humans can have the experience of drinking wine with their feline companions, even if the cats are having an alcohol substitute.
Brandon Zavala soon learned he had competition in the cat wine department. Nyan Nyan Nouveau is said to have been the first to roll out cat wines. However Apollo Peak likely has nothing to worry about as the previous cat wine producer’s product is only sold in Japan and they contain grapes. Grapes can pose a serious risk to a cat’s health and need to be evaded or treated with caution when feeding cats.
Touching on Apollo Peak’s ingredients, the ASPCA has deemed beets to be non-threatening and cats can eat them freely. Just to be safe it is always better to check in with a veterinarian to see if beets would be suitable for your cat’s nutrition as some cats have health problems you are not aware of and beets may make it worse. Beets can also change the color of a cat’s excrement and therefore can alter their test results should they be examined for diseases like feline diabetes.
It is important to note that not all cats experience cat nip the same way and whether or not it will be a food- dish-favorite is entirely up to the cat.
This in mind, kitty connoisseurs might be better serviced if allowed to only drink in moderation.

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