Vibrant Veggies


Looking to boost energy and potentially live longer? A vegetarian menu may be the answer. Experts in India are currently researching the benefits of a plant based diet. So, you believe veggies are nothing but little green thieves looking to rob your dinner of flavor? Not true. Some have the ability to mimic the texture of meat, like wood ear mushrooms (livestrong). Who knew trees could hear? Joking aside, a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has been associated with lower calories, lack of cholesterol and better heart health, when managed properly (medindia).

A member of the health organization PCRM, comprised of India natives in America, Zeeshan Ali states that vegetarianism can lower blood pressure and recurring physical pain. It is in his professional opinion that vegetarianism can fight cancerous diseases and improve a positive attitude (   When implemented at an academy in New York, the outcome was a further testament to the vegetarian diet. There were increased rates of weight loss, paying attention in class, vigor and better grades. Vegetarianism advantages don’t end at diet, but ecological efforts as well. The cost of raising meat has been proven to be far greater than that of planting vegetation (ajcn).
It is also noted that there are twice as many people subsisting on a plant based diet than that of animal corpses (ajcn). According to Huffington Post, America subsequent to only one in the global consumption of meat, while India is said to have the smallest levels of meat intake (Huffinton). The effects of heavy meat consumption is such that it’s manufacturing at farm sites exceeds the greenhouse gas excretion of automobiles and air planes the world over. Switching over to more plant-based meals and less meat can both increase quality of life and preserve the environment. At a time where technology has moved to where vegetables can be harvested to look and taste like real meat, there is no real reason not to make the change.

The photo was derived from Photopin.

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