Dandelions, weeds that have over-taken many a gardener’s yard, are being heralded as new natural treatments for cancer.


Research in 2008 showed that dandelion leaf hindered the growth of breast cancer in one case and completely halted the expansion of prostate cancer in another. Although the dandelion is noted to have no effect on the cancer itself, it has the ability to keep it from branching out into other parts of the body. Dandelion root shows great promise as it could serve as a welcome substitute to the often toxic chemotherapy that can eliminate malicious cells as well as the healthy ones.

Dandelion’s beneficial properties are due to the antioxidants it contains which can fend against free-radicals, or substances that harm the DNA structure based on a study from 2003. Aside from being an up and coming suppressant for cancer cells, there is evidence to support that it can lower blood sugar and keep cholesterol in sync for those suffering with diabetes.

Dandelion is a testament to the natural cures and remedies being studied today and could make a great companion-treatment to chemotherapy. Taking dandelion supplements or eating it fresh regularly can help prevent cancer along with a healthy diet and exercise.

Dandelion has been scientifically proven to dispose of bacteria and soothe inflammation, but it is not advised for patients to self-medicate with it as research has not fully explored its potential and side effects. People wanting to use dandelion for an ailment should discuss it with their doctor first.

The photo was derived from Photopin.

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