Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a sweet ingredient that often spices up our cookies, but it may also save from millions from cancer. Ginger is not only great tasting, but a power house when it comes to killing cancer cells. Its effectiveness is even being likened to chemotherapy, but much less toxic.


Ginger has dual ways of killing cancer, one of which is apoptosis. Apoptosis is a property of ginger that causes the cancer cells to self-destruct, or die naturally while leaving normal cells unharmed. Another way ginger disposes of cancer cells is through autogaphy, or fooling the cancer into devouring its own cells.

Ginger is elemental in advancing against cancer because chemotherapy only kills cancer in one way which leaves room for the cancer to adapt. Ginger has two known ways of killing the harmful cells whereas Chemotherapy could allow the cancer to become immune. A study announced ginger as being able to not only kill cancer, but hinder its progression in the body making it more harmless.

Those looking to acquire these life-saving benefits from ginger need only incorporate it into their diet. Eating products with ginger root in them can prevent cancer and help destroy it where it is present. Ginger can be eaten in a variety of ways: through supplements, ginger candy, drinking it as a tea, cooked in a meal, eating it raw etc.

General benefits of ginger include the reduction of queasiness. It has been noted to ease stomach discomfort and prevent vomiting which can lessen dependence on drugs after surgeries for a more natural approach.

The overall effectiveness of ginger is astounding, but should not be implemented until having spoken with a health specialist first for a specific ailment.

The photo is from Photopin.

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